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PPC · Adwords campaign management

What is?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a model where the Internet search engines, advertising networks and other website by which advertisers pay when a user clicks on their ad.

Why start?

Generating new customers is important for business growth, as long as they are profitable generated. PPC advertising is a great complement to any SEO campaign.


  • Search PPC
  • Shopping PPC
  • Mobile PPC
  • Display PPC
  • Remarketing PPC
  • Video PPC

Creating successful campaigns

We create targeted campaigns in order to obtain maximum performance. First we investigate and analyze in depth, afterwards we structure the campaign to attract the target audience and achieve maximum performance.

Selection of landing pages
To create a PPC ad, the choice (and concept) of the landing page is very important. We help you ensure that when someone clicks on your ad, customers visit the right landing page and then get a call to action (CPA) and a subsequent conversion.

Write a compelling ad
One of the most important aspects of a successful campaign is writing a compelling ad. We write ads that attract users to click on them to achieve higher conversions.

PPC ongoing optimization

Our philosophy is nothing but the continuous optimization of campaigns to achieve better profitability rates (ROI). We started with low conversion, high segmentation and testing constantly as we increase the investment and achieve positive ROIs.

Testing ads
We continuously monitor the effectiveness of the ads to make sure they are running at peak efficiency. We raised the bar trying several ads, and completing various A / B tests.

Adapting trends to users
Analyzing user trends helps us determine how to adapt the ad based on seasonality. We follow the trends and tailor ads optimally.

Keyword performance monitoring
We optimize campaign performance by creating objectives and calculating the ROI of actions. We modify the bid prices of keywords to achieve higher conversions.

Reporting PPC

We ensure that you are informed of your campaigns according to the budget. We regularly inform you of changes, trends and performance so we are a high performance team together.

Reports quote
We value together with you how your budget is being spent and the objectives obtained in return.

Results and conversions
We share knowledge so you know which ads and keywords have higher results for your business, which allows you to make strategic decisions with other units.

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